Drive for MyMenuHelper

Restaurants need our help! We are dedicated to providing restaurants affordable solutions to get their food delivered locally without paying the larger companies most of their profit!

We are looking for independent drivers to deliver food for MyMenuHelper in:

- Eugene/Springfield, OR and surrounding cites (Veneta, Cottage Grove, Junction City, Creswell)
- Great Falls, MT

We pay a Delivery Fee PLUS Tip to the Driver! Average drives are $10+

Applying to be a Driver

- You must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license

- Fill out the driver application form and attach your bank account or debit card to be paid daily

- Pass the basic background check

- Review and Sign the e-sign Driver Agreement

Once we have confirmed your application and you have completed the above steps, you can download the MyMenuHelper for Drivers app and start driving!

Please note our parent company is MyCoffeeHelper, LLC. and you will see this on the application form and in the process!

Apply to Drive Today

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