Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you promptly.

We have partnered with Stripe, who handles Uber and Lyft, to process payments securely and reliably. The transaction fee is 2.9% plus .30 per transaction.

Unlike other services, we do not take any part of your revenue, or have marketing fees, rewards fees, etc. We believe your revenue belongs to you!

We have a small and affordable monthly fee for the MyMenuHelper service. If you desire a fully privately branded app (your own app) we can provide that as well for an additional cost (still affordable)!
You sign up with our service and we will input your menu into our system. You provide a tablet (iPad or Android) at your location and run our app and you will see orders appear when customers place their order!

We will work with your staff to train them quickly and efficiently.
You will need some type of Internet connection so the tablet and app can receive orders. For locations without an Internet connection you can use a tablet with LTE/data service.

We are happy to assist you with that process if necessary!
When you sign up with our service you will enter your banking details (securely via Stripe) and the money from the previous days sales will be deposited nightly into your bank account.
We have a vendor management area where you can retrieve detailed reports of your sales. You may optionally receive a nightly e-mail for previous day sales.
Yes! The customer can customize their orders and you can control what items are allowed to be added-on and modified as well as set pricing for those customizations.
No. The only requirement is that if you are part of the MyMenuHelper network you agree to process the orders! You can turn off your location at any time.
Yes! You can add all of your food and beverage options!
No! You do not have to change anything about your current sales system. We have partnered with Stripe (who handles Uber and Lyft) to process mobile payments. The money is transferred to your bank account nightly just as with your current credit card processor!
We are constantly improving our product and listening to our vendors and users! Please submit your suggestions to and we will evaluate the suggestion promptly!

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